Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bits of OpenCL on Linux for IvyBridge are published

Some OpenCL code I was working on at Intel has been recently publically pushed and is now available for download.

A phoronix news about this is here:

The code is here:

The code basically contains both the run-time code which is basically the OpenCL host code (clKernel*, clProgram*) and a compiler back-end which is responsible to take bits of LLVM IR code and to output IvyBridge ISA from it.

Small problem is that I am not working for Intel anymore so, I will not work that much on it.

The code is decent even if some parts are a bit over-the-top, c++ style wise. However, the most important parts are already here (instruction scheduling, instruction selection infrastructure, register allocation) even if a serious amount of work is still to be done.

Since I am not working for Intel anymore, I cannot speak for Keith Packard and the others but I guess any patch will be welcomed. For those interested in low-level hacking, do not forget that the complete IvuBridge documentation is still here:

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Philippe Helluy said...

Joli travail. Je n'ai pas les compétences pour aider au développement. Mais je suis certain d'utiliser et que beaucoup de gens seront contents.