Friday, July 20, 2012

Various code bases and cube (the game) pushed on github

I decided to follow the hype and I pushed everything on github:

Note that I also cleaned up cube (the first cube game, the one before Sauerbraten) to make it compile with no complaint on gcc 4.6 and VS2010.

Did I already say that cube is amazing? The complete engine (cube itself + its network layer aka the 2005 version of enet) takes 10,000 LoC.

I may write some post reviewing the code. However, just to have fun, really look at command.cpp which basically implements an insanely powerful mini-scripting language in 300 LoC. Really cool.

Obviously, for more features, Sauerbraten and its next incarnation Tesseract are also really impressive.

Cube however remains unique by its size.

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