Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sauerbraten: a game and an engine that rock

Quick post about a fantastic game and engine: Sauerbraten (you may find it here)
If you are tired by design pattern BS, static type introspection with SFINAE joke, over-design of everything just to print a string... Sauerbraten is for you.

This is one of the code bases that recently impress me the most. Just straightforward and fantastic code. Everything is packed in 70,000 lines of code. Very nice custom (and really fast) UDP network code (ENet), insanely small scripting engine, straight-to-point rendering code, very cool AI, superb UI (3d is even supported), simple but powerful shader system...

Look at the code really and you will see what brutal and brilliant coding style means.


Unknown said...

Thanks. When I started it, I was being very religious about simple and non-redundant code, and some of that still shines through today. Though in retrospect, some of it was over the the top and hurts the code base now that it is so much bigger :)

Lauraine said...

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