Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disk asynchronous IO mess on Linux and libaio

Damn there is something which is really imperfect with Linux: Asynchronous Disk IO. Basically, you want to issue a read or write and you want the function to return immediately.

Well, two classical solutions:
  1. You open a file with O_NONBLOCK flag. No luck, the system does *not* need to open it as non-blocking actually. And after a test, the system actually blocks *anyway* when you open a disk file with O_NONBLOCK file. See here for a documentation
  2. You use the portable posix AIO library like described here. Well, very bad thing, the implementation is done in user mode using pthread to emulate everything. Terrible for any high performing game like application where you do not want any kind of thread oversubscription
Looking for the perfect answer, there is finally a non-portable way to do exactly what I want. This is called libaio and this is just a thin layer above some Linux native system calls.

There is a quick and dirty example of libaio here.

  1. libaio does not spawn any thread behind your back
  2. libaio is really asynchronous
  3. libaio can batch some number IO jobs in one request
So, this is asynchronous IOs done right :-)

EDIT: but libaio does not seem to bufferize anything. I am wondering if there is a asynchronous buffered solution on Linux for disk IO even if in my case (streaming textures / models) unbuffered IOs should be OK. Well, that may require manual handling of buffer for big data you may not want to have fully on RAM before processing it. We will see :-)

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